What is Periscope?

News 12:01 January 2020:

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Periscope is a trending and impactful social media site that does more than just connect people. Yes, this occurs as it does in any online social media location but it does so in a unique and interesting way. Periscope allows viewers and bonds to connect based upon the ability to share beautiful videos. This means that a person on one side of the world can learn what it is like to live a day in the life of someone on the other side, all through their posts.

Periscope followers on an account get to see that accounts posts regularly. Every time a new post is made or new video shared, those that have taken the time to follow that page are going to see it first. There are Periscope pages that focuses on a wide variety of different aspects of life. There are those that focus on sharing about a region and those that focus on fashion. There are Periscope followers that look for sports sites and those that are finding political punditry as their field of focus. Regardless of the end goal or the content, this site is growing in popularity and making stars of those with interesting and engaging accounts.