What are your limitations as an instagram user?

Every one loves instagram and what it does for businesses. However, it’s important to know your limitations as there are boundaries that Instagram imposes on the platform. Here’s the list:

Posts on Instagram – You can have as many posts as you like. For as long as you find something worth sharing, go ahead and post of. There’s no daily limit or total number of photos you can post through the platform.

Following people on instagram – You are limited to following up to seven thousand five hundred  people on Instagram. Per hour, the most that you can follow and unfollow is twenty. There’s no limit for the number of people that can follow you.

Instagram Hashtags – Limit is thirty hashtags per post. Although reaching this number of hashtags already looks spammy.

Number of Characters – For instagram bio, limit is 150 characters. Username has a maximum of 30 characters. Comments and captions does not have any limit.

Number of Likes – You can only give a maximum of three hundred and fifty instagram likes per hour. You’ll only reach this limit though if you are really hyperactive in instagram. However, if you can’t help being active and want to give a lot of likes, try to limit it to 300 per hour just so you won’t be flagged and locked up.