Instagram Views: Two Approaches to Growing Your Audience

There are two main approaches to getting more people to respond to a page. There is the natural or organic approach for example. In this approach to getting Instagram views or Instagram video views, an individual posts content and waits for individuals to respond. There may be prompting, but there is no paid mechanism driving this approach. Instead, the Instagram views happen naturally and guide people to said page through natural or organic means, which is a low cost but often slow process.

For those that are a bit more impatient than others and want to see their number of Instagram video views grow more quickly than they do through simply organic means, there is help and other options. For instance, more and more individuals are choosing to buy their Instagram services and responses instead of simply waiting to see a response. This approach is amazing in that it can get a quick turnaround on post reaction. Yet, it is not without its costs. There will be fees and there will be money that exchanges hands in this approach, unlike in the first. But, the result can be pretty fantastic and quick which is exactly what many pages want and need.