Front Camera Flash effect on Snapchat

Attracting new Snapchat followers and keeping them engaged throughout can be a daunting task. You will need to use various techniques and tricks to ensure that you deliver the best snaps and avoid boring them. One of the tricks that can be handy in this case is the front camera flash. For some of the modern mobile phones that have flashes on the front camera, this feature will activate the flash when taking pictures using the front camera. If the phone does not have a flash, this option will turn the screen white, making the pictures taken using the front camera appear brighter.

To activate this front camera flash effect, you need to open your Snapchat application and tap on the ‘manage’ icon. From the available options, you should click on the ‘front-facing flash’ option to activate it. Even if your phone does not have a front-facing flash, this option will make your selfies appear brighter; your snapchat followers will want to know what you did to make them appear brighter.