First Timer Using Snapchat

With all the buzz of different apps, today, especially those that are used for social media, finally, I tested with Snapchat.  Based on what I heard from some of my colleagues, it is more of like Instagram where in you can post pictures and videos except that you can chat with your snapchat followers and it would take 24 days for your posts to stay on Snapchat.

But the question now is, after creating and signing in for Snapchat, how can I build my contacts or followers?

Here is what I found out: Upon signing in, the app will ask you if they can access your contact list on your phone for people who are using it and will send out requests to add you up.  Then, when you feel like sharing your account online with other social media like Facebook and Instagram, you can share your profile by creating one first then share it via the medium you want to use or you could use the Snap Code feature to add other Snap Chatters. If you know their username, you can all search them, too! And if you are like a stalker type of person, you can, also, use the “Add Nearby” feature. Isn’t that cool?

And there you go, another media used for selfies and chat.